CoreShell奇怪问题 - 粘贴时多了00~ ~01

CoreShell奇怪问题 - 粘贴时多了00~ ~01
  • 之前一直发现CoreShell粘贴文本进去,会多了奇怪的00~ ~01字,但没找到啥原因。

今天搜索突然发现国内外网上都人说这个,叫“bracketed paste mode”,解决办法挺奇怪

> printf "\e[?2004l"

原文链接:bracketed paste mode

One of the least well known, and therefore least used, features of many terminal emulators is bracketed paste mode. When you are in bracketed paste mode and you paste into your terminal the content will be wrapped by the sequences \e[200~ and \e[201~.